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  Data Conversion

Data-Tech specialise in data, it's what we do. We take any type of data or format and convert and manipulate the data into any required result or alternative data format.

Typically we are able to write a program to do this or with more complex data formats we can carry out multiple processes to export and extract and reformat the data.

Our data conversion customers generally include companies whose data is in a older or different format which needs converting into a new file type or format.

Or in some cases problematic data, data which has become incorrectly formatted or corrupt and needs salvaging by extracting and converting the remaining data and information.

Our data conversion offers the following:


Conversion from text into PDF format  

Data conversion from any kind of database into any other format  
Conversion of data from e-books  
Conversion from PDF to Word Doc  
Conversion from text to html  

Handwritten text to any digital format  


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