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  Microfilm / Microfiche - Digital

Microfilm and microfiche are two types of archival products that can store documents and photographs. Microfilm and microfiche are viewable through microfilm machines that can turn the negative image on the film to a positive image. The machine also magnifies the document to make it readable. At Data-Tech we convert your documents to film or fiche as required. Alternatively we also can convert microfilm and microfiche to other latest formats.


Data-Tech helps clients to convert rolls of Microfilm and Microfiche jackets to images on CD, DVD, or Online. In addition, Data-Tech indexes the Film or Fiche with keywords, or index values, to help users to quickly search and retrieve the data that they’re looking for. With an increasing demand for immediate, shared access to information, Data-Tech offers clients an easy, outsourced method of converting this legacy information to TIF or PDF images.

Data-Tech has the flexibility to convert Film that is either 35MM or 16MM, Blipped or Unblipped. For Microfiche, we can accommodate either Jacketed or COM Fiche. If you are unsure of what type of Microfilm or Microfiche you have, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help convert a sample of your data and let you know what type you have.

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